Over the course of a 20 year career, Stephanie Redmond has been an entrepreneur, graphic designer, interior designer, furniture designer, writer and retailer. After an undergraduate degree in art history at McGIll, Stephanie did post-graduate work in graphic design. As a graphic designer, Stephanie designed corporate images, logos and branding elements. Stephanie was a partner in an upscale, private label teak furniture retailer which she successfully exited from prior to founding SR/M in 2005. With SR/M Stephanie has continued to expand her practical experience, acting as liaison between home owners, general contractors and trades. She designs custom furniture, millwork and lighting for many projects. Stephanie was a nationally syndicated design and lifestyle columnist with Our Homes Media for over ten years. Currently working on client projects through SR/M and her own furniture product development,

 style - simple, sophisticated, modern country with an emphasis on uncluttered living